Identify Common Mistakes Preventing Your Business from Growth... 
and fix Them
Grab The 20 Silent Killers That Are Extinguishing Your Business and clear your path for growth!
  • The SPARK Principle: The 5-part framework for business evaluation
  • Common Mistakes: Identify common mistakes in growing companies
  • Fixes: Leverage advice to address issues and rekindle your spark 
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The Latest Resource from ElleSpark

Kathy Hughes

  • 25 years Sales leadership & experience
  • Specializes in mid-stage to mature organizations
  • Management, leadership, sales training, contracts, coaching, teams

Carly J. Cais

  • 20 years Marketing leadership, Sales & Marketing Ops experience
  • Specializes in startup - mid-stage organizations
  • CRM, process, templates, design, automation, coaching, teams
Kathy Hughes and Carly J. Cais, ElleSpark Principals

Stop these killers in their tracks and reignite your business growth

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